Buffalo snowstorm drives home repair boom

The Buffalo lake effect snowstorm has seen a rush on home repair and improvement goods.

27th November 2014

By now you’ll almost certainly have seen pictures of the incredible ‘lake effect’ snowstorm that battered Buffalo and other parts of upstate New York in late November.

The snowstorm dumped as much as a year’s worth of snow in just three days, grinding infrastructure to a halt and burying cars and houses beneath countless feet of snow.

Homeowners across the region have shared pictures of the storm and the damage it brought in its wake. The unique nature of lake effect storms mean that they can deposit huge amounts of snow in one small area, while leaving adjacent regions practically untouched.

The quantity of snowfall has been such that windows, doors and even roofs have been broken in through sheer weight of snow. This damage has caused upstate New Yorkers to spend a fortune on home repair and improvement, leaning on local builders’ merchants and hardware stores for supplies.

Here in the UK, we’re unlikely to ever experience snowfall as intense as the lake effect storm seen in Buffalo this year. However, Great Britain is ill equipped to cope with any kind of snowfall – a fact that construction industry retailers ought to take note of.

If we do experience snow this winter, expect homeowners to rush to stock up on winter weather essentials. Hardware stores ought to monitor stock levels on items such as snow shovels and road salt, as these will be in high demand following any heavy snowfall. Builders’ merchants, meanwhile, can expect a rush on glazing and roofing supplies should severe winter weather set in.

Builders’ merchants software can help to monitor stock levels and take note of changes in demand, even automatically ordering in new stock when levels drop below pre-set thresholds. Take advantage of the winter weather with Integrity Trader software.

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