Prestige Plumbing Supplies enjoy Trader’s multi-site functionality

Prestige Plumbing Supplies moved to Trader because of a key function.

12th December 2014

Trader is software built specifically for merchants – timber merchants, builders’ merchants and plumbing merchants. These sectors have several factors in common, particularly their ability to deal with both retail and trade custom. Different systems are required for different customers, and Trader offers the ability to easily combine these systems through software.

Prestige Plumbing Supplies, based in East London, needed more than to combine the trade and retail aspects of the business – owner Keval Patel decided to begin using Integrity’s Trader software because it allowed him to link transactions from the company’s three different depots across the capital.

Pricing and customer accounts can now be managed quickly and easily using a single software package, giving Prestige Plumbing Supplies complete control over these key areas of the business – all from the head office. Additionally, customer credit can also be managed from head office. Trader’s multisite functionality is an invaluable asset to Prestige Plumbing Supplies and other multisite merchants.

Perhaps the most valuable function of Trader to Keval and his team is stock control. Previously, overstocking had been a problem for the business, but Trader allows the company to keep an accurate picture of stock levels and prevent surplus stock from building up in the depots.

Software for plumbing merchants is more effective than ever. If your current approach to stock control and pricing management is holding your business back, consider implementing plumbing merchants software. Upgrading or adopting software is a big step for any business, but with Trader’s unrivalled support and customer service we’ll make the transition as smooth as possible for your company. Give us a call to learn more. 

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