Online retailers edge out the high street in customer satisfaction

Has online shopping stolen a march on the high street? New study claims online retailers provide the best customer experience available to consumers.

28th August 2013

Online retailers edge out high street satisfactionAccording to a new survey from Aspect Software, online retailers rank highest amongst consumers in terms of customer service and satisfaction, leaving high street retailers in the shade and highlighting the need for merchants to capture customer information at point of sale to allow improved customer follow-up.

The survey took in 13 different organisation types, including telecommunications, online retailers, high street shops and supermarkets, seeking to determine which retail experience provided customers with the most satisfactory standards of service.

Incredibly, 79% of respondents said that they were either ‘satisfied’ or ‘extremely satisfied’ with the customer service they received when shopping online. Additionally, only 2% of respondents claimed that they could recall a time when they were particularly dissatisfied with the standards of online customer service on offer.

Unfortunately, online retailers often hold an advantage because their automated electronic stock management systems allow greater information about stock availability and location. For merchants without stock management software or electronic point of sale devices, the lack of such information can make it difficult to ensure customers are able to purchase the products they need when they need them most.

High street retailers deal with customers face to face, so there is a great opportunity to give them exactly what they want with a smile when they choose to visit a physical store rather than one online.

To improve the chances of physical stores claiming back their reputation of high customer satisfaction, use an EPOS system combining advanced stock management with automated reporting.

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