LIVE@ Dublin - Review of the Day

Our final LIVE@ Event of 2015 took place in Dublin earlier this month at the impressive Croke Park Stadium in one of the lavish presentation suites. We're pleased to say it was a huge success with a record number of customers attending.

26th November 2015

I find Integrity Software’s Dublin LIVE@ Event is one of the key events in our business calendar” says Hugh Quinn from Quinn Supply Stores in Edgeworthstown. “Although we are using the TRADER EPOS system for many years, we still find it hugely beneficial to meet with all the team at Integrity. We were impressed by their presentations on the future development of the system and we used the event as an excellent opportunity to network with other Integrity users in our Hardware industry.”

Other attendees also agreed that they found the event extremely informative and would be attending again next year.

Here we take a look at the day as it unfolded and hear why other users recommend attending future LIVE@ Events.

Sophie Hurst kicks off proceedings by running users through the plan for the day

With attendees situated within Croke Park’s high-class presentation room, Sophie introduced the Integrity team and gave some top advice on how to get the most out of the day.

As Sophie says, “I’ve been hosting our LIVE@ Events all year, so having listened to the great feedback we’ve had in 2015, I know by now how best to direct our attendees to the team members that would help them the most.”

Users get their questions answered in the Trader Zone

The Integrity team were on hand throughout the day to work through specific queries users had, or simply to talk through how they use the system on a daily basis to spot where subtle improvements can be made to help.

Many benefited from one-to-one sessions with the Trader team including Paul Corbet, Ciaran O’Donovan, Gareth Cocking and Harvey Baldwin in the Trader Zone.

"The feedback we received after the event proved that the Trader Zone was by far the most useful part of the day. I think our users really benefit from a one-on-one support with an Integrity Software expert” – Paul Corbet

Development Manager Gary Cassinelli and Product Manager Chris Packham discuss the development roadmap in the Product Workshop Zone

Lots of different topics were covered on the day and Gary and Chris were able to present the future updates and changes to users ahead of time.

"This is an excellent opportunity to meet those using our system and inform them of the changes we are making to ensure that our software is the best choice for them. It’s also an ideal situation for those users to speak to us about any questions they have about the development roadmap” – Gary Cassinelli

Crinkill Merchants present on how to improve stock control in your merchant business

As part of the Presentation Zone, Paul Corbet and guest speaker John Hassett, from Crinkill Merchants presented ‘Introduction to Wireless Devices and the Benefits of Improving Stock Control.’

Having John’s experience within the Hardware trade was a great gift to all and we’re very excited to make our users aware of how these simple changes to processes and using Trader to its full potential can hugely benefit their businesses.” – Paul Corbet

What lies in store for 2016?

2015 has been a hugely successful year for the Integrity Team and these LIVE@ Events have been a big part of it. Offering our users the chance to engage with our experts on a one-to-one basis is a huge benefit when attending these events. However, it is just as important for us to listen to our guests as their questions and feedback inform our choices for the future. So we give a sincere thank you to everyone who took the time to come to see us. We hope to see you again next year.” Sophie Hurst, Managing Director.

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