Call for small builders to address housing crisis

After being squeezed out of the market, small builders are being invited back in to help solve the housing crisis. Find out what this could mean for your business…

17th January 2014

Bricklayers and small builders crucial to industry successIn a recent speech to the National House Building Council the Shadow Housing Minister, Emma Reynolds, addressed the housing crisis – calling on small housebuilders to help deliver the number of new homes that are required to meet demand. Reynolds believes that, by increasing the number of builders, the government will sooner achieve delivery of the required properties and that the call for an ‘army of small builders’ will see the housing crisis solved under a Labour government

Over the past 25 years, small housebuilders have seen a significant decrease in work as larger construction companies have taken over the market, but it would seem that in the near future this is all set to change. In the ‘80s SME builders constructed the majority of new homes and Labour plans to bring these workmen back in order to deal with key issues contributing to the housing crisis. While there are a few barriers preventing this from happening at the present time – such as a lack of access to finance as well as to land – once these issues are addressed Labour hopes that the housing crisis can begin to be put to bed.

The more builders there are returning to the market, the more business for builders’ merchants is likely to increase. Just how ready is your business for such an influx in trade? To ensure that your business is able to handle an increase in sales you should take full advantage of any support that is available to you. Investing in retail management software is a great place to start as it can provide you with valuable point-of-sale data and with the modules you need to better control your stock. To find out how you can benefit from Integrity Trader during the recovery from the housing crisis, get in touch with the team today.

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