A day in the life of; Dave Cooper in Support

It’s likely that you will have spoken to Dave given that he has been the voice of Trader support for close to 6 years now. Dave is on always on hand to put things right when they go wrong and keep your Trader system up to date. Here, we look at Dave’s typical day on the Trader support desk.

14th February 2014

Dave Cooper08:50

“My preferred method of getting to work each day is cycling, however given the unsavoury weather conditions in Lincoln at the moment I’m sure I can be forgiven for taking my car. As I arrive in the office in time for the opening of the Trader support desk, I grab my morning cup of tea and get straight to it.”


“Often the first job of the day is to check that any software updates I have been running on customer sites overnight have been installed successfully. Most calls that we receive during the day can be resolved either there and then, or at least within the same day, so there are rarely more than a handful of calls carried over from the previous day.”


“The types of calls I receive can typically be broken down into two areas. Firstly there are point of sale queries from customers at the counter which are critical, as if something has gone wrong that effects the till, for example if a user is having trouble reversing a sale, it is vital to help the user correct it straight away so it doesn’t disrupt the service our customers are able to provide to theirs. There can also be queries relating to stock counting which again need to be rectified promptly to ensure the information being recorded is accurate.”


“The other type of calls I receive relate to accounts in the back office. These calls can sometimes take a little longer to resolve as data investigation may be required. However by using tools like TeamViewer and LogMeIn I can often jump straight onto a customers’ computer and resolve the problem. Also as I am office based I will often talk to Ciaran O’Donovan, our Professional Services consultant who is out implementing Trader and training new users.”


“Lunchtime can be a bit hit or miss for support in terms of how busy it is. Some of our customers close over lunchtime while others will use the time to catch up on admin or log queries when their business understandably quietens down. I am a big fan of the popular Graze snack boxes which I feast on during the day. When it comes to lunchtime I will often sit on my desk and catch up on the outside world which for me involves practicing computer programming, which is one of my personal interests.”


“After 2pm calls pick up again right through until late afternoon, however I use the quieter patches of time that I get to help test new functionality being developed for Trader. I will often speak to Niall Keating in Development to learn what is being worked on for Trader and give him feedback on where amendments need to be made.”


“As I am also responsible for updating customer sites to make sure they are running the latest version of Trader, my final jobs of the day are often to clear the decks and make sure all customers have been responded to during the day, before planning and scheduling such updates with customers to take place overnight.”


“As I head off from the office, (in the car until summer!), I am often heading home to catch up with friends and play my PlayStation 4 or PC. I don’t suppose many people will have heard of the games I play but it’s very good fun nonetheless!”

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