Builders’ merchant helps residents fight floods

A Somerset builders’ merchant is doing all that it can to help local residents affected by the floods. Find out more here...

20th February 2014

Road closed due to floodingAs floods around the UK worsen and more severe weather warnings are issued, many who are not currently affected by the flood waters are coming together to help those who are as best they can. One builders’ merchant in Somerset, along with its network of suppliers and customers, is working to donate urgent flood relief to Somerset residents in a bid to help them both prevent flooding and provide protection in already flooded areas.

As a local business that considers itself part of the fabric of the community, Buildbase felt it was only right they do what they could to help those residents in need. They saw that the local authorities were being stretched beyond their means and, being in a good position to do so, decided to enlist the help of their suppliers and customers to help stop the damage from spreading even further.

Buildbase has already sent for 1,000 environmentally friendly sandbags and used their warehouse to fill them with sand and move them on to affected areas. They are also asking their suppliers to donate protective clothing such as chest waders, high visibility waterproof jackets and nitrile gloves. Other provisions such as wheelbarrows for transporting belongings, sandbags and various other materials have also been provided to help local volunteers.

In order to be able to offer their support, Buildbase had to ensure that their existing stock levels and accounts could assimilate such generosity, as well as appreciating the relative strengths of their suppliers and customers. Naturally, such made are made far easier with the help of accurate point-of-sale data provided by retail management software.

To find out how Integrity Trader software could benefit your business and provide you with the flexibility to be as generous as Buildbase, contact the team today.

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