9 ways our Trader point of sale software can benefit your business


Save time capturing sales & creating invoices

Trader replaces all manual elements of your sales processes. No more handwritten invoices or time wasted  pricing dockets. Trader provides professional invoices, automatically priced and printed at the counter. More »


Access pricing information at the counter

Trader provides you and your staff with accurate pricing information at the counter. View cost, margin, selling price and customer special prices on every product to enable you to control and monitor discounts offered to customers. More »


Easily access and view customer account information

View all your customer details, including special pricing terms, agreed credit limits and account balances. This gives you increased control over accounts and customer debt owed to the business. More »


Faster access to sales info and profit reporting

Trader offers you accurate management information and detailed sales analysis on all aspects of your business. Reports quickly give you the key information you need and save you time. VAT reports, Aged debt etc are all available. More »


Accurate stock control easily maintained

Trader automatically updates your stock levels when items are sold, and alerts you when products are out of stock or running low. At the end of each day Trader can automatically raise a stock order to save you time. More »


Easily create customer quotations

Quotations can be created, edited and printed at the counter and converted into an invoice once agreed. Trader also allows you to email your quotation straight from the screen saving staff time and effort. More »


Email documents and save costs of postage

Trader allows you to email documents such as quotations, statements and copies of invoices from the system. Reduce labour and postage costs while also giving your customers a more professional service.


Trader automatically generates Purchase Orders

Trader can automatically create purchase orders based on sales and stock levels. Never run low or out of products again and ensure your stock levels are maintained easily and more efficiently. More »


Manages your deliveries, promotions, labelling & more

Trader caters for all of your needs as a builders merchant including the management of promotions, deliveries, labelling and more. To find out more on how we can help your business, call us today.