Tim Lodge Arro


Sector: Hardware & DIY Suppliers

Location: Ireland

Website: timlodge.ie

Trader is a robust point of sale and stock management system enabling us to efficiently manage our public and commercial sales as well as tracking movements of our wide range of stock items.

Tim Lodge

Tim Lodge

Tim Lodge Arro Hardware

Tim Lodge Arro had been succesfully running Trader for 5 years before upgrading to the new system to take advantage of the new functionality which supports the growing hardware store.


Tim Lodge Arro has successfully been supplying thousands of DIY products to the local community and surrounding businesses of Athboy in Ireland for over 30 years. Their product range caters for all types of DIY needs including painting and decorating, soft furnishings and garden appliances.

To help manage the stock allocation and accounting processes of the business, owner Tim Lodge has been successfully running Trader™ from Integrity Software for 5 years.

In September 2010, Tim Lodge upgraded to Trader™ + to take advantage of the modern features and user friendliness of the newer system.

“We have been working with Integrity Software for a number of years and were pleased to go live with the new Trader™ + system in 2010.”

Improved User Experience

A busy store such as Tim Lodge Arro requires a robust point of sale and stock management system to manage its public and commercial sales as well as tracking movements of its wide range of stock items.

“We have always been satisfied with the work flow of the Trader system however since upgrading to Trader + I have been pleased with the enhancements made throughout the system which has improved the user friendliness of Trader, in particular the new point of sale screens.”

Successful implementation

“Paddy Hand provided excellent support throughout the implementation process of Trader +. Now we are live I am pleased to still receive the same high level of support from the team I know and can trust.”

Beneficial New Features

Included in the upgraded Trader + system are a number of enhanced features including a Loyalty Management module, enhanced wireless handheld scanner functionality and greater integration with Microsoft Office allowing for greater flexible when reporting.

“I am confident that some of the new features added to the system can bring benefit and it certainly feels like a more modern system to use which will continue to support and move forward with my business. I look forward to utilising these features in the coming months.”