Trader LIVE@ Webinars

LIVE@ Webinars

Our new LIVE@ Webinars are short online sessions which run through new and existing functionality plus updates on idustry topics and legislation relevant to Trader users. All of the LIVE@ Webinars will be recorded and available to view on demand after the live event has taken place for added convenience.

Please check back soon for details of upcoming webinars. In the meantime please view a Trader video guide.


Electronic Signature Capture and Trader Marketing webinar

This webinar will take place on Friday 23rd October at 11am and will focus on two of the Trader modules.

The Trader E-Signature capture module allows the user to reduce costs of pre-printed invoices and storage of dockets. By getting the customer to sign an electronic pad installed on the sales counter, the signature is then printed on a standard A4 invoice using plain paper and an ordinary B&W laser printer. Signatures are held within the system and can be easily reprinted at any future date shown a copy of the original signature.

The Trader Marketing module allows the user to filter through the database of customers and choose a list of customers based on criteria entered. For example, spend value, product type or product group. The user can then send an email to a group of customers simultaneously and attach a document such as a new promotional flyer or information about products. This module is designed to help the business drive sales and regularly help shops using Trader stay in touch with their customers. 

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