How to Guides for Trader

We are now in the process of increasing the amount of information you can access online to help you brush up on old skills and learn new ones. Below are the How to Guides currently available for Trader.

Select a video guide to view from the list below.

Please note you will require speakers on your PC or headphones to listen to the commentary.

End of Day & Period Routines

This Trader guide runs through the routines you must go through at the end of each day and period, including how to use the Z -- Report and Clear Shifts feature.

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Stock Control; Adding new and amending products

This Trader webinar looks at the Stock Control module which shows you how to add new products and modify existing products. The session also provides a quick guide on how to set up timber lengths, and packs and singles.

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Purchase Orders; raising and matching orders

This webinar focuses on the Trader Purchase Orders module showing you how to raise a purchase order, how to raise goods received note against that purchase order, and how to post an invoice and match that against the receipt.

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Handling Direct Orders / Special Orders

This Trader webinar covers the creation of a Direct Sale product, how to raise a Direct Order and how to finalise a Direct Order.

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Quotations; creating and converting to orders

This Trader webinar shows you how to create quotations in the back office and at point of sale, including how to convert a quotation into an order.

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