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Accurate stock control automatically maintained

Maintaining accurate stock records poses one of the biggest challenges for builders merchants. Often stock levels are maintained by eye which can lead to costly inaccuracies in information.

Trader stock control software categorises products by department, group, sub group, status etc, and includes a product file which has details of all items you sell with the associated prices on. This allows the point of sale system to quickly call up items to an order, either when they are searched or scanned at the counter.

Furthermore, as goods are sold through the point of sale system, stock records are automatically updated.

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Automatic stock ordering

At the end of the day, week or month as required Trader stock control software produces a report which alerts you to products which are running low in stock, based on what has been sold.

This time saving report allows you to automatically generate purchase orders for suppliers to make sure there are no unnecessary delays in items coming back into stock.

Improved visibility in the performance of your stock items allows business owners to prepare for expected busy or quiet periods by keeping stock at the appropriate levels to suit demand, helping with business cashflow. 

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Simplified stock take routines with wireless handheld scanners

Trader provides wireless handheld scanning functionality which works to simplify the process of stock taking either by completing a full stock count or cycle counting of selected product categories.

Carrying out regular stock takes allows you to identify dead or obsolete stock sat in your warehouse which just won't sell. 

With Trader stock control software you may elect to run a promotion to shift such stock. Accurate stock control helps you to balance supply with demand whilst protecting the cash flow of your business.

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Professional product labelling

Trader contains a Label Design, Bar Coding and Printing module which supports fast and accurate stock taking and cycle counting.

The Bar Coding module provides management of product barcodes and the generation of professional looking in-store barcodes for non coded products.

Extensive product label design and printing options from barcode only, to detailed shelf edge labels incorporating all legislation requirements are provided.

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