Plumb Merchants Ltd. switched to Integrity Trader software after realising if they wanted to stay competitive within the industry, they would need to introduce more sophisticated technology into their business.


When Kevin Sullivan became director of Plumb Merchants Ltd., he carried with him a fair amount of experience in the industry, having worked for a larger organisation for quite some time beforehand. At his previous company, Kevin had worked with a technology company to develop a generic system based around producing efficient quotations and eventually entry-level point of sale and purchase orders. Keen to move away from manual processes, Kevin wanted a system that would help them better manage the business, and he wanted to use the same system in his new business.


Kevin realised that as the industry began to become increasingly competitive, his small business would need to be able to keep up in order to remain relevant, so he considered the technology the company was using. Kevin was determined to keep the company moving forward, so sought the help of Integrity for all its additional features and knowledge of the industry. He sat down with the team and discussed exactly the sort of programs a plumber/installer/contractor would need in order to be able to run an efficient and successful business and they adhered to his needs. Whereas in the past he had been able to explain to the previous technology what he required in the plumbing sense, he was never able to get across what he needed in terms of technology; thankfully for Kevin, Integrity Trader has experience in the industry, and so knew exactly what to provide.

The future

Plumb Merchants Ltd, though ambitious in their long-term growth plans, is currently a relatively small company, and so only use a fairly limited amount of what Integrity Trader can provide. As Kevin grows his company, however, he is eager to incorporate the use of more Integrity Trader modules such as those that will allow him to send invoices automatically to his customers and help him to cut down on the paperwork. He is pleased with the level of service he received when he required help setting up a new user to the system and is confident that as his company grows, he will be able to rely on the support of Integrity Trader to make the process even easier.

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