Patrick Rogers Topline recently upgraded to Integrity Software after seeking retail software that was far more user-friendly and supportive than their last.


Patrick Rogers is a hardware and plumbing provider that supplies materials for both the professional and the DIY enthusiast. A family business, running now for six generations since 1870, they stock a full range of building materials from tools and paint to power supplies and other handy hardware. Before being introduced to Integrity Software, Padraic Rogers, the owner of the company, and six other co-workers were reliant on outdated software that was not particularly user friendly and was far too generic to be of much use. Realising that the software was becoming less of a help and more a hindrance, Padraic began searching for something better.

Why Integrity?

The previous system the team at Patrick Rogers had been using was a generic retail management software package that did not provide them with any help or support when creating professional invoices, producing reports or maintaining accurate stock control. They were keen to find software that would enable them to automate time-consuming processes and that they would be able to customise to suit their particular needs. Padraic specifically wanted software that would provide point of sale data and help to automate account management processes and create reports - all of which Integrity could offer. With such a variety of customers reliant on their services, the company needed a retail software solution that would help them to remain efficient and support the smooth running of the business.

Moving forward

Patrick Rogers has been using Integrity Retail Software since April 2013, and Padraic has recommended it to a number of friends and industry colleagues. He appreciates the ability to chop and change the system as he wishes, adding extras where necessary. He is able to contact the team at Integrity directly whenever he needs advice or support and states that he and his team are more than comfortable using the software. In the future, he is looking forward to being able to email statements and invoices simultaneously to cut down on time and emails even more so.

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