D.R. Building Materials upgraded to Integrity Trader in 2008 after outgrowing their previous system after 13 years. They were keen for a system that provided better support and value for money.

Before Integrity Trader

Before discovering Integrity Trader in 2008, Phil Rowe of D.R. Building Materials, an independent builders’ merchants, had been using a simple DOS based system for almost 13 years. The system was unable to offer his team much in the way of support when it came to creating invoices or automating everyday processes, and he found that he still had to do a lot of the work manually. Rowe realised that it was necessary to find a comprehensive Windows-based system that would allow him and his team to access customer information and create invoices with just a few clicks. Prioritising a system that would deliver value for money, Integrity stood out above its competitors for the different retail capabilities it provides.

Why Integrity Trader?

Trader now provides D.R. Building Materials with a combined point of sale, accounting and stock control system that enables them to benefit from automating processes such as invoicing. Additionally, they are now more easily able to manage and monitor stock levels. Having recently expanded their business, D.R. Building Materials knew they needed software that could ensure they remained efficient and capable of running a smooth and successful business. By being able to rely on the support that Integrity Trader software offers them and the time it saves them, they can now focus on other areas of the company where their time is better spent.

Moving forward

All eight members of staff who use Integrity Trader are comfortable with the system and can recognise the benefits it offers compared to their former DOS-based system. Phil Rowe is keen to recommend Integrity to other contacts and business associates as being a good value point of sale software package that delivers the results their business needs. In the future, he looks forward to being able to update his software package as his business progresses, and benefiting from any improvements it has to offer.

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