Phelans Hardware took the decision to upgrade to Trader + in 2010 to allow the business to manage stock across multiple branches and gain better visibility of information at point of sale.


John Phelans Topline Hardware Stores has been successfully running Trader™ from Integrity Software for over 8 years across its two hardware branches in Laois and Kilkenny, Ireland.

The requirement for gaining greater control over both branches attracted business owner John Phelan to look at upgrading to Integrity Software’s next generation Trader system. John installed Trader™ + in October 2010 to make use of the multi site management tools the new system has to offer and the systems overall increased functionality.

Multi site stock management

Stock Management across multiple locations is a key feature of the Trader 2 system enabling business owners to manage their business from one site with confidence.

“Now running Trader 2 I am able to operate stock control in both branches from one location, this is an immensely powerful feature for my business.”

20% increase in supply of information

For a busy hardware merchant, the speed at which users are able to process customer payments and check stock availability is crucial.

“The new Trader system has made significant improvements to the amount of useful information available throughout the system. Collectively the supply of information has increased by 20% which has helped us to gain better visibility of the business.”

Phelan’s Hardware also makes use of the enhanced Quotations Module within the new system, which has also bought about significant time savings.

“The quotation module has also helped us to increase the speed in which we are able to produce and refer back to quotations we have made, and the feedback from all users has been positive.”

‘Pain-free’ set up and training

Upgrading to a new management system can seem like a daunting task for a business owner, however the Trader team at Integrity Software guided Phelan’s Hardware though the entire process.

“The upgrade process was painless, Paddy Hand worked with our team and ensured we were up to speed and using the new system for all key business processes within a short space of time.”

Supporting future growth

“I am confident we are now fully up and running on a system which can support the business going forward.

We have recently implemented a new wireless scanner which is working well and we will be looking to utilise these further in the future across both branches.”