In the retail industry, it is well known that customer satisfaction is vital. This is what keeps the customers coming back into your store.

As a builder’s merchant you want to ensure your customers can find exactly what they are looking for, at a reasonable price, every time they visit your store. Here are the 3 things we think are essential to improving customer satisfaction and how using EPOS software can help you achieve them.


When it comes to customer satisfaction, price is a big factor. Customers want to feel like they are getting a good deal or at least a reasonable price.

Pricing your goods at a competitive level will help you attract more customers; however, you need to make sure you’re still making sufficient profit. Our electronic point of sale software, Trader, allows you to view cost, margin and selling price of any product at the counter. This means you can keep a close track on prices, ensuring you are maintaining a profit margin.

Trader also allows you to control and monitor discounts offered to customers. Discounts and special offers can be used to increase customer satisfaction and reward those loyal customers.

By being able to manage discounts at the counter you can continue to monitor profitability and sales as well as the success of the promotions.


The selection of products your store offers is also vital to customer satisfaction. You want to ensure that your customers leave with the products they came in for.

EPOS software, such as Trader, can help you keep track of stock to ensure your customers are satisfied. Trader automatically updates your stock levels when items are sold and alerts you when products are out of stock allowing you to stay on top of stock levels and ensure your customers don’t leave empty handed.

Managing stock using EPOS software also allows you to view your best and worst selling products. This can be helpful as you may wish to stop stocking certain products to make room for more popular ones that you know your customers will buy.


Customer service is of course key to customer satisfaction. Ensuring that your customers have a good experience when visiting your store means they are more likely to come back. Trader can help you improve your customer service in a number of ways. As Trader helps you manage administrative sides of your business much more efficiently, you have more time to spend focusing on your customers and their experience in store.

Trader also allows you to give a personalised experience to your returning customers, as you can store all their details and account information so that it is accessible from the counter. This can include things such as special discounts, agreed prices and account balances. By having this information readily available you can speed up the checkout process and improve customer service.


Our Trader system provides an easy-to-use point of sale software for merchants looking to manage stock, control pricing and keep track of finances. If you’d like to find out more about how Trader can help your business improve customer satisfaction, then please contact us.