Retail management software could eliminate the stock replenishment paper trail completely! Here’s how...

For many retailers, managing stock levels can be the most arduous part of the job. Trying to monitor which stock is selling well and which isn’t, ordering new supplies and ensuring your orders are correct and sent in time to avoid an ‘out of stock’ situation is a difficult job to do, particularly when you are constantly needed elsewhere in the business. However, it is not a job that can be forgotten about. Business owners and retail managers must always ensure their shelves are well stocked to avoid disappointing their customers and to be able to run a successful business. Fortunately, stock control software can make the whole process easier.

The ePOS system

Trader software is an electronic point of sale system that provides users with a fast and effective way of processing orders, and serving customers, as well as enabling them to manage stock simply by using a scanner. Every time new stock is received or sold, you need only scan it to upload it into your system, enabling you to keep an eye on stock levels and ensure you have adequate supplies.

Producing product quotations

For those without the support of retail software, generating product quotations for clients can be a nightmare. First, you would need to determine whether you have the product(s) they need in stock, and second, manually calculate if the price offered to the customer would provide you with a satisfactory profit margin. Doing all this by hand can take time and even waste money, should you make any miscalculations; with the right software, you could produce a quotation in minutes right from the counter.

Processing orders

When it comes to creating a purchase order, retail merchants must know exactly how much stock to request so that they do not overspend and damage cash flow, or fail to order enough. Knowing which stock is selling well or is likely to sell well in the coming months, and which isn’t particularly flying off the shelves is invaluable information that can help a business to make better decisions. An accurate stock control system should allow you to automatically generate a purchase order form or stock report that you can use to send directly to suppliers for stock replenishment.

Saving resources

Processing orders or stocktaking can take quite some time when armed with just a calculator and a pen, so whoever’s job it is to do is likely to be preoccupied for some time, meaning they won’t be of any use elsewhere in the business. To run an efficient, successful business, you will need to be able to utilise all the resources you have. Retail management software can do the more complex and time-consuming tasks for you, freeing up your staff and allowing them the time to focus their efforts on other areas of the business.

Without retail software, the stock replenishment paper trail is a long one that your business could benefit from doing without. Business owners and store managers within builders’ merchants and a like, should always look for ways in which they can improve their business, which includes anything that can make day-to-day tasks easier and faster to complete. Trader software speeds up the process of replenishing stock significantly, as well as ensuring that your sales orders are always accurate and cost-efficient. It helps to reduce the risk of human error and ensure your customers are always satisfied!

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