Using specific EPOS software for builders’ merchants and hardware stores can significantly boost customer service...

Top customer service is a priority for most businesses, helping to ensure repeat custom and enforce a positive reputation. Staff are, of course, key to customer service for builders’ merchants and hardware stores, but how can using specific EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) software for builders’ merchants boost your customer service?

Speed up POS transactions
Nobody likes to be held in a queue while the counter staff wrangle with out-dated till systems, manual promotional discounts and product queries. Using a merchant-specific EPOS system means promotions can be handled automatically, transactions are scanned through at speed and there is no margin for human error on total sums payable, as products are all handled electronically. The faster your counter service, the happier your customers will be.

Anticipate product demand using reporting software
Knowing which products are in higher demand is beneficial to customer service for two reasons. First: you are able to ensure your stock levels remain consistent so that the product is always available. Second: you will be able to manage promotional discounts on products with a fast sale cycle, meaning customers will trust that your prices are competitive while you are still able to maximise profit margins.

Seasonal promotion management
Analysing popular products is particularly handy for seasonal items and promotions, too, meaning builders’ merchants can anticipate which products require higher stock levels at different times of the year – aligning their promotions accordingly. Using reports based on EPOS software data, merchants can determine those products that are moving faster (or slower) depending on the season, and adjust prices to correlate. Software designed to manage such promotions makes changing prices very simple, and allows for automatic updating in back-end administrative processes such as invoices without the requirement of additional staff input for manual updates.

Simpler quotation and invoice processes
The nature of plumbers’ merchants, builders’ merchants and hardware stores is that many customers will request quotations prior to sales, in order to find the best prices for the end client. Instead of running these requests manually, a software package designed specifically for retailers in this position will automatically compile quotations almost instantaneously. The added bonus of these quotes being in a digital format is that they are easy to email to customers, reducing the risk of loss and saving time and resources.

Similarly, managing invoice processes using an automated system means staff time is freed up for core duties, the risk of human error is reduced and account reconciliation is much simpler to carry out. Customers will appreciate electronic invoices, as it is often easier for recipients to process electronic documents rather than handle lots of paperwork.

Increase customer contact time
The best thing about automation of administrative processes is that it significantly boosts customer contact time. Customers will feel more valued and have a positive view of a hardware store or builders’ merchant if they feel the staff are informative and helpful, instead of rushing around to tick off their To Do list. The automation of processes to improve accuracy, reporting, invoicing and stock management means staff can spend their time focussing on customer needs and deliver a tailored service.

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