Predictions of a harsh winter: anticipation of storm repairs sees DIY stores anticipate increased trade.

The unusually mild autumn has resulted in severe weather warnings for the UK, with a ‘polar snap’ forecast for the winter. Hardware stores and builders’ merchants should prepare themselves for increased demand for storm-proofing products and home repair essentials, as large quantities of snow and ice are predicted for the coming weeks and months.

The unusual warm autumn weather is often a precursor of a harsher ‘balancing’ winter to follow, said Jim Dale, forecaster for British Weather Services. ‘We could see a sharp difference as the winter unfolds, this mild weather could bring a false sense of security. There is always another side to the coin and in the long run on the balance of probability we could see a very different picture. I am not sure about a record winter, but certainly things have a way of balancing out.’

The current warm airflow suggests that a negative Arctic Oscillation is due to occur, meaning a weakened jet stream (the phenomenon that usually keeps the polar air back from the UK). This freezing air is set to strike in the middle of November, and could mean an extended and extremely cold winter through to March.

Hardware stores and builders’ merchants must prepare for an onslaught of snow and bad weather by stocking up on goods most in demand during times of inclement conditions. Having advance warning of problematic weather is useful for merchants, but using construction-specific EPOS software can also help to identify where promotions would be most beneficial. Furthermore, Integrity Trader’s stock control module is capable of monitoring product levels in your stockroom – even automatically ordering a top-up should demand spike. To find out more about how to use retailer EPOS software for builders’ merchants and hardware stores, get in touch with Integrity Trader now.