Effective and efficient stock control is just one way through which our electronic point of sale software could benefit your merchant business. Read more here.

With the construction industry still recovering from the economic recession, fewer building projects are being delivered by fewer businesses. Many smaller builders’ merchants are therefore faced with the necessity of either evolving to cope with these changes or losing market share. Integrity’s Trader software has been designed particularly with building, plumbing and timber merchants as well as hardware and DIY stores in mind. The Trader system allows for user friendly, efficient and reliable stock management, accounting, point of sale services and much more. Such services could provide your merchant, wholesale or hardware business with the professional edge that is increasingly required to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. In addition, increased efficiency and transparency across your business facilitated by the Trader system will allow you to maximise profits. Here are some of the key ways through which builders’ merchant software can help your business to compete against rivals.

Point of sale
Electronic point of sale software (ePOS) is, of course, entirely IT based. No merchant using Trader will ever have to rely on over-complicated, easy to lose and unprofessional looking paperwork again. Common procedures such as compiling and emailing purchase orders, invoices and receipts can all be done quickly and easily whilst removing the potential for human error. Not only will this save you time but customers will be impressed by the speed in which their orders are processed.

ePOS software centralises all product information and prices to enable quick access at the counter when it is required. Not only this but Trader allows staff to view specific customer product discounts, credit limits and upsell opportunities. Promotions can even be programmed into the system to avoid manual calculation. Merchants still relying on manually filed stock information are not able to benefit from the increased control and opportunities that centralised systems offer.

Ultimately, ePOS facilitates evaluation of sales performance by product, customer or member of staff. With this enhanced transparency, business owners can assess and manage the discounts on offer as well as scrutinise the status of customers who hold credit accounts and limits. This level of control over sales is unprecedented within traditional paper based systems and will allow your business to gain an edge over rivals.

Quotations, deliveries and accounts
Trader allows members of staff to quickly offer customers order quotations. No time wasted, no frustration caused, only happy customers who are more likely to become loyal customers. Not only does Trader allow you to effortlessly quote, process and take payment for orders, deliveries can also be monitored and managed. From first making the order to receiving it, Trader will keep you up to speed with its progress so that you can notify customers. Clients will surely appreciate this service, and will be more likely to do business with you again in the future following a satisfactory past experience.

Stock control
Imagine a real-time, fully integrated stock records system that automatically updates as products are sold - well now you don’t have to. Trader removes the need for inaccurate stock assessments by eye. Furthermore, as stocks of certain products become depleted, the system will notify its user so that orders can quickly (or automatically) be placed. Through ensuring that products are always in stock, customers are never likely to be disappointed by this area of your service and therefore less likely to turn to competitors. Handheld product scanners will further allow you to analyse stock sales by informing staff of products that are not selling. Trader provides effective stock control measures that will help your business to match supply and demand whilst ensuring balanced cash flow.

At Integrity Trader, we believe that our unique software will help your builders’ merchant business to compete with rivals. But don’t take our word for it, request a demo and see for yourself.