More than 80 independent merchants attended the latest Independent Builders Merchant Forum in Solihull – an industry event established for the discussion of the latest construction industry topics and trends.

Despite encouraging forecasts for the future of the construction industry, the main focus of this year’s conference was the importance of planning ahead. The topic was discussed at length among the assembled industry leaders, with particular focus on product lead times and ensuring the successful completion of projects.

The 17th successive Independent Builders Merchant Forum was hosted by brick maker Ibstock. The event saw attendees discuss how builders’ merchants can meet the demands of their customers, with Ibstock director Tony France describing the conference as ‘full of debate on the future of the industry.’

‘What came across clearly was the need for all parties involved in construction to plan projects effectively to ensure swift and efficient completion by keeping pace with increased demand for all construction products,’ continued France.

With construction industry growth continuing apace, builder’s merchants must weigh the prospect of future growth against the potential collapse of the housing bubble, with each possibility liable to have contrasting effects on demand.

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