The World Cup is here. With it come the worries about high rates of staff absences, a lack of employee focus and the effects of all those late nights watching the games at the pub. While some sectors (such as the country’s pubs) are set to see a huge boost to their business thanks to the tournament, for others – including builders’ merchants – it seems that the tournament will only prove a threat to business.

Electrical retailers, supermarkets, official sponsors and sports retailers will of course, see an increase in sales. The majority of these retailers are also carrying out World Cup promotions on relevant products, to prompt additional interest around their products and services.

It can be difficult to see how builders’ merchants can benefit, seeing as many of the products they sell are hardly relevant to football or the World Cup. However, builders’ merchants should still consider linking promotions to the tournament, even if the link is tenuous or seems a stretch. For example, companies could consider a period of World Cup special discounts on popular products, perhaps with new promotions each day. Alternatively, create a prize draw for your customers where the prize is a football shirt or other merchandise – but customers can only enter if they fill up their loyalty card or spend a certain amount in a single visit. Builders’ merchants should be careful not to use any of FIFA’s official ‘marks’ (logos, phrases, branding etc.) on the marketing material for these promotions, as these are reserved for official sponsors’ use only.

If all this sounds like hard work, point-of-sale software for builders’ merchants makes it easy to create promotions. If you’d like to learn more about how Trader software can help you capitalise on the World Cup period, contact our team today.