As continued growth is predicted throughout the construction industry, builders’ merchants will need to be on their game in order to win lucrative contracts and take advantage of any opportunities to come their way. This does not necessarily mean that builders’ merchants will have to spend money to make money – forking out for advertising and expensive ways to promote their business. By making the most of the features offered by builders’ merchant software, you might just be able to make more money in a buoyant construction market. Your builders’ merchant software can provide you with the advanced tools you need to pursue new clients and achieve greater commercial success in future.

Clever pricing at your fingertips

For a large number of construction industry traders checking or updating the price of a product can be a time consuming and irksome process, simply because products are kept on shelves, out of sight in the warehouse. However, those who use electronic point-of-software have the ability to control all information related to stock levels, pricing and customer orders from one central location. When a customer comes to the counter with a product, you’ll be notified about agreed customer discounts, credit limits, product margins and associated products, so that you have the opportunity to upsell wherever possible. Pricing your products competitively will help to encourage your customers to return in future.

Fast access to sales information

Creating and reviewing reports can be a tedious task, and one that many merchants will put off doing for as long as they can. However, reporting on sales performance needn’t be difficult with the help of builders’ merchant software. Integrity Trader enables you to report on sales performance by customer, by product or by staff member whenever you like, enabling you to make decisions on discounts and offers or to check the current status of a credit account before processing the sale. This can be used not only to help you with your loyalty rewards, but also to make informed business decisions.

Efficiency and a professional service

It’s likely that your clients want their business transactions to be as fast and easy as you do, so they’ll seek a merchant who can offer them just that. With builders’ merchant software, you can email invoices straight from your system, reducing labour and postage costs while also providing your customers with a professional and efficient service. If you are unable to invoice them on time or should your invoice get lost in the post, it’s possible that you will not receive what you are owed, causing a backlash on payments. If you want to make more time and money for your business, efficiency is key.

Replenish stock automatically

A quick way to lose out on both money and customers is to run out of the products your customers are looking for. If you disappoint them once, they are unlikely to return again because they will feel that your business is unreliable. Luckily, Integrity Trader automatically updates your stock levels when items are sold and alerts you when your products are running low on stock. Trader can even create stock orders on your behalf in order to save time, so you can be sure that you’ll always have what your customers needs. If your customers know they can rely on you, they are likely to keep bringing you their custom and you will thus have more opportunity to sell to them.

If you’re interested in making more money using electronic point-of-sale software, why not contact a member of the Trader team today to find out more about the various software packages available?