If you’re on the look out for new or improved software for your builders’ merchant, hardware store or plumbing merchant, you’ve probably got a whole host of options to weigh up. On one hand, there are big name generic software solutions that are designed to work for businesses in any sector. These software solutions may seem safe options, but the time spent having to find workarounds or compromises to solve the specific issues that your company encounters may be more trouble than it’s worth. On the other hand, there is software that is built with specific sectors in mind. This is particularly worth considering for firms in highly specialised sectors, such as builders’ merchants. Trader is a software package that falls into the latter category. We’ve designed the software for use in several specific sectors, with additional modules available to address other needs as the business expands. Here’s a brief look at what our retail and point of sale software can do for your business.

Builders’ merchants

Generic retail software can often not cope with the demands of builders’ merchants. In a sector that’s heavily dependent on contracts, credit, and flexible payment terms, builders’ merchants software needs to be able to cope with these factors. Integrity Trader is perfectly suited to this sector, as it provides full invoice management, customer specific price lists, and quotations management. In addition to this, Trader has the capability to manage and automatically order stock, based on thresholds set by the user. Electronic stock control via Trader is also compatible with handheld devices, making stock checks far quicker and easier to carry out.

Plumbing and heating merchants

Plumbing and heating merchants require many of the same functionalities as builders’ merchants. Trader is therefore perfectly suited to fulfilling the needs of your plumbing merchant. With flexible margin control, an improved point of sale process including product recommendations and fast product searching, plus full reporting and analysis, you’d be amazed at how Trader could transform your business.

Hardware and DIY stores

National and international firms provide strong competition for smaller hardware and DIY stores these days. Retail software is, however, affordable to all businesses in the sector. Use Trader software to increase your revenue and keep your customers coming back. In a busy market, you need to work hard to gain and retain customers and increase your takings. Trader’s point of sale components are particularly valuable in this sector. Product recommendations, margin details, bar code scanning and easy product searching all have the potential to improve your customers’ point of sale experience. In addition, our promotions module gives you full control over any discounts or promotions you would like to make.

Timber and supply merchants

Timber and supply merchants have to manage a retail store in huge premises, meaning that software compatibility with handheld devices is essential. Trader software works fully with handheld devices, ensuring easy stock control, label printing and order processing. Additionally, timber merchants who work with us find Trader’s ability to categorise products (and then manage these categories) extremely useful. Products can be categorised by serial number, batch, material, and much more.

Hair and beauty wholesalers

Wholesalers can also benefit hugely from Trader. Wholesalers will be well aware that stock control is vital to their success and many such as those proivide hair and beauty supplies rely on Trader to manage their business. Trader’s stock control and automatic stock replenishment will revolutionise the way your wholesaler operates.

If you think your business fits into one of these sectors and you’d like to learn more, contact us now.