There are some retail businesses that are managing just fine, thanks to the help of their generic software solutions, but others are proving stiff competition simply because they have the support of a software package designed specifically for their construction industry retail business. While those businesses using generic software might not think it differs much to builders’ merchant software, there are actually many characteristics that Trader software boasts that could help businesses far more than generic counterparts could. Standard software might be able to provide electronic point of sale, but Trader has been created by a team with an excellent understanding of the retail industry, who know where builders’ merchants require extra help and how to provide it. Here’s what you should be looking for in a software package for your construction retail business…

Contract pricing

Running a business in the construction industry, it is more than likely that you will strike deals with contractors in order to price competitively and stand out against others in your industry, but offering various customers different prices can become a little complex. While generic software would only allow you to create one set price list, Integrity Trader provides a contract pricing module that enables you to create very focused customer specific price lists, so that you can deal efficiently and discreetly with each of your customers.

Managing multiple product types

If you’re running a competitive business, you’re probably dealing with a great number of products in attempt to keep your customers satisfied. Generic software makes it difficult to manage and control all of the various product types, as it will often only let you control products by either batch number tracking or serial number tracking, so you might feel the need to limit the stock you provide. Trader has the specific functionality to support the management and control of multiple product types, so no matter what the products are, you can manage them all from one screen.

Setting up associated products

The key to growing the success of your business is promotion, which is why so many opt for the support of software, so that they can focus on promoting their business and their products. Generic software might provide you with the time you need to improve your marketing strategy, but Trader goes further with the ability to create product associations, so that at the point of sale you can advise your customers of complementary products to purchase. Not only will this help to improve customer service, but increase sales too.

Business reporting

It is important for any business to create and monitor reports in order to see how well their business is doing and where improvements might need to be made. Although generic software solutions probably enable you to create weekly or monthly reports, they are likely to be very basic. With Trader, you can create a report that uses your industry language and highlights specific points of interest automatically, enabling you to review reports quickly and efficiently.

Builders’ merchant software should not only be supportive, but provide you with innovative solutions to help you grow and improve your business in the future. If you’re keen to upgrade from your generic software to Integrity Trader, why not contact the team to request your demo today?