High street retailers have suffered over the past five years, as the global recession and the rise of online retailing has led to the demise of many well-established and well-managed retail stores. While some businesses have been in a better position to cope than others, the vast majority have had to make significant changes to the way they operate. Many have protected staff by cutting other areas of the budget, such as marketing. However, as the economy recovers, it’s vital not to neglect marketing and potentially miss out on new business. Marketing needn’t be expensive – in fact, it’s easier than ever to get a great return on your marketing spend, thanks to a combination of social media and other digital technologies. Retail and point-of-sale software can also assist you in the creation and implementation of your marketing strategy.

Promotions modules

Got a promotion that you want to carry out? Instead of having to apply it to products manually at the cash desk, Trader offers a module that gives you complete control over promotions. Discounts are applied at the point-of-sale where certain conditions are met, such as during multiple product purchases or when a certain combination of products is bought. These promotions can be automatically time-bound, allowing you to be confident when marketing offers to the general public. Furthermore, our promotions module allows you to compare the effectiveness of discounts and offers so you can more effectively manage future promotions.

Email marketing

Trader has email marketing capabilities, which means that you can send out emails to all of those customers who have provided their contact details, or to a certain, targeted group of customers. You can use the marketing emails to remind customers of current promotions, notify them of new product lines or link to content on your website. Email marketing is a versatile method of marketing that should be used sparingly, or else your customers could start marking them as spam and your marketing efforts will be in vain.

Segmenting customer information

Retail software gives you incredible quantities of data to work with. This gives you an opportunity to know more about your customers’ spending habits than ever. From here, you have a much stronger foundation upon which to build or rebuild your marketing strategy. You can target new markets and be more confident that your discounts and promotions will appeal to your existing customers.

Prepare orders over the phone, purchase at a later date, improve deliveries

In addition to assisting you in the creation of your marketing strategy, you can also use the capabilities of your retail and point-of-sale software as selling points. Trader lets you prepare orders over the phone and gives customers the opportunity to get quotes and purchase at a later date, while the software also helps you to improve deliveries from suppliers and to your customers. Using these messages in your marketing materials and strategy is likely to get customers coming back to your store, and might even net you a few new patrons.

Marketing for your SME doesn’t have to be a hassle, particularly if you’re using Trader EPoS and stock control software. Take a look at our software packages and contact us to arrange a demonstration.