Another builders’ merchant has switched to Trader.

Noel Power, owner of Ballymountain Builders Providers, recently made the decision to upgrade the company’s existing software to a newer variety. Based in Waterford, Ireland, the firm had previously relied on the same builders’ merchant software since 1999.

Power decided that now was the time to upgrade. His main concern about switching software systems was that his staff knew the existing system inside out, and they’d have to adapt to using a brand new system. However, Trader’s user-friendly interface and intuitive functions reassured the company that they were making the correct choice. Power was particularly pleased to introduce a Windows-based system to his staff, further lessening the slope of the learning curve associated with the new software.

Trader has provided Ballymountain Builders Providers with vastly expanded functionality, with the new software able to carry out far more tasks far more efficiently than the company’s previous system. In addition, Power was keen to continue using specialised builders’ merchant software rather than a generic software package.  Trader fits the bill.

We’re delighted to welcome Ballymountain Builders Providers to the Trader family. We hope that the company will benefit from Trader software for months and years to come. As with all clients, we’ll offer Ballymountain Builders Providers with on-going support and advice on how to use the software to its full potential.

If you’re using an outdated form of builders’ merchants software and you’d like to see what today’s software packages can offer your firm, contact the Integrity Trader team today. We can arrange a software demo and answer any questions you may have.