Retail management software boasts a number of tools and modules that can aid you in growing your business, supporting you with point-of-sale data, account management and stock control. These processes can be time-consuming and fairly complex to carry out on your own, but when managed with a sophisticated software solution they can help you to encourage your customers to keep returning to your store. In order to grow your business, you need to be able to attract a loyal group of customers, so the last thing you want to do is disappoint them. If your customers can’t get what they’re looking for at your store, they’ll look elsewhere and are unlikely to rely on your business for what they need in the future. How can you ensure you never fail to deliver? By investing in stock control software…

Say goodbye to manual stock checks

To ensure your customers are always able to find what they’re looking for at your store you need to make sure your stock levels are always kept steady, so that you never come close to running out of a particular product nor end up with an unnecessary surplus. Carrying out manual stock checks can cause inaccuracies in your stock levels and you might find that you under or over-order by mistake. Stock control software enables you to know exactly what you have in stock and automatically updates stock figures when new deliveries come in or when customers complete transactions, so that when you view the figures you know for sure that they’re accurate.

Save time on orders

Carrying out manual stock checks is just the first part of a long process; next you have to process the order itself. Without the support of retail management software, you could spend a significant amount of time figuring out how much of your stock needs replenishing, which products are selling particularly well and which aren’t and where you might need to make alterations to your order. With a suitable retail software solution in place you can automatically generate purchase orders to replenish your stock, so when you’re running low orders are automatically made for you, saving you time and effort spent on what can be a tiresome process. Instead, you can spend the time more wisely elsewhere in the company, training members of staff or keeping your social media accounts up to date!

Increase your sales

With the help of your stock control software your customers will soon learn that your company is one to rely on. Never an empty shelf in sight and always more than happy to help, yours will become their go-to store, helping increase sales over time. One-off customers will soon become regulars and will begin to spread the word about your reliability, promoting your business and increasing your sales. Being able to save time on day-to-day processes will also enable you to spend it investigating how you might be able to improve business elsewhere and brainstorming new and innovative ideas. Your stock control software will also make sure that while your shelves are never empty, they’re also never full of products that aren’t selling very well, saving you money you might have otherwise wasted on surplus products.

If you’re seeking an intelligent retail management software solution that can provide you with a flexible stock control module, Integrity Trader can help. Why not take a look detail at the benefits that retail software can provide in more detail, or contact us for a demonstration today?