After drawing up a shortlist of potential EPoS software solutions, Raymac Plumbing and Heating supplies finally chose Integrity Trader to replace their outdated point-of-sale system. Having been in business since 1975 and relying on a basic POS system for so long, Raymac’s Stef Jarnot was keen to bring his company into the 21st century and benefit from the support of a more intelligent system.

We are pleased at Integrity Trader to have been able to offer Raymac Plumbing and Heating supplies the software they needed to expedite time-consuming processes and reduce the risk of human error. With four employees using Trader, three of which now use the system on a regular basis, the Raymac Group are already reaping the benefits offered by a software that provides plumbing-specific modules and functions only three months since their upgrade. They are particularly impressed with Trader’s stocktaking and pricing modules.

As with all of our clients, we look forward to building a long-standing relationship with the Raymac Group and to continue to offer our support and guidance as they proceed with their new, preferred software. If you are keen to upgrade to Integrity Trader as they did and start benefiting from a sector-specific retail software, contact a member of the team today and we’ll begin discussing your company’s possibilities. As the Raymac Group will tell you, the implementation of your new system is easy!