Gould’s Timber Products turned to Trader after becoming dissatisfied with their generic software.

Many merchants seeking software that meets their specific needs have adopted Integrity Trader’s specialised software for timber merchants. We recognise that merchants have different requirements to other retailers, and we’ve built our software packages around these requirements.

Gould’s Timber Products, based in County Cavan, Ireland, have recently adopted Trader as their software of choice. Owner Andrew Gould had been looking for a replacement for the company’s generic point-of-sale software system, which had not been designed specifically with the need of merchants in mind. Gould was after a system with additional features and functions, backed by a supportive company that had specific expertise in producing software for merchants and hardware stores. Trader offered a great option for Gould’s Timber Products, and they joined us a few months ago.

In this short space of time, Gould has noted many benefits of using Trader. Firstly, cyclical stock counting is now a much easier task to undertake, thanks to Trader’s wireless handheld scanning functionality. Other aspects of stock control have also been improved thanks to the improved speed and accuracy of stock checking, namely delivery management and control over pricing and margins. Trader provides all the information Gould’s Timber Products need to keep a close eye on stock levels and identify obsolete and slow-moving stock.

If you think that your merchant business could benefit from stock control and point-of-sale software or an upgrade of your current software solution, get in touch with the Integrity Trader team or explore the many features of Trader.