New roofing standards have come into force in the UK, affecting construction companies across the country. The changes represent a golden opportunity for on-the-ball builders’ merchants, as many construction companies will have changing requirements.

The code of practice for slating and tiling for pitched roofs and vertical cladding, BS 5334, has been updated recently for the first time since 2003. The changes to BS 5334 are largely related to the mechanical fixing of tiles, in addition to changes to roof underlays.

Perhaps the largest change affecting construction companies and builders’ merchants is that roof tiles will need to be mechanically fixed to the roof. Mortar alone is no longer deemed sufficient for fixing tiles to the roof. This means that clips, nails and screws will be in higher demand, particularly those solutions that are low cost and save time.  Additionally, tougher fixing requirements have been brought in due to recalculations in uplift resistance. The other major change concerns lightweight roof underlays. Stricter standards and new tests have been brought in to prevent these light underlays from ‘ballooning’ due to the wind – a problem that may damage or dislodge the roof covering.

Builders’ merchants should be aware of these new standards and ensure that they have an array of fixing solutions available to their clients. Running a series of promotions based on the changes to legislation is also likely to be worthwhile. Some clients may not be aware of the changes and will welcome the reminder, while others will be sure to notice your knowledge and expertise – while being keen to take advantage of any promotions.

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