Builders’ merchants and those in the construction industry should be thrilled after an announcement made by the Chancellor George Osborne stated that he will be committed to supporting new housing supply in 2014. While we are all aware that the economy has been fighting to make a full recovery this year, the Office for Budget Responsibility upgrading UK economic growth for next year to 2.4 per cent is likely to have left both construction workers and suppliers feeling increasingly positive about the year ahead. 

The Chancellor has also pledged additional measures to increase housing supply, including a £1bn, six-year infrastructure investment programme to unlock new large housing sites. The stronger economic performance and growth will provide more work for construction workers and therefore result in a greater demand for supplies from builders’ merchants, meaning those in the trading industry must be prepared for and can look forward to a surge in sales. The pledge is expected to support the delivery of around 250,000 home in Manchester and Leeds, as well as many other parts of the country.

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