Director of Plumb Merchants Ltd., Kevin Sullivan, accrued many years of experience as a plumber before setting up his own company. He was keen to invest in some specialist plumbing merchant software in order to keep up with the competition, being very aware that any advantage he could get in such a competitive market would be necessary in order for Plumb Merchants Ltd. to flourish.

After speaking to our team, Kevin was pleased to hear that we’d had experience of working with plumbing merchants before, and he was therefore able to communicate his technological needs to us with ease. Kevin and Integrity Trader worked together to determine the best software package for his company, allowing him to achieve what he set out to with the help of his new technology.

Kevin was particularly pleased with the support he received when he needed to add a new user to the system. Integrity Trader provide thorough customer service and support for users of all our software packages, making the transitional process straightforward.

The story doesn’t end there for Kevin, Plumb Merchants Ltd. and Integrity Trader, however. As the business expands, Kevin plans to make use of further modules available for the Integrity Trader software, including those that allow the automatic sending of invoices to his customers. Kevin feels confident that he can rely on Integrity Trader for suitable software upgrades and support as his business develops further.

Interested in Kevin’s story? You can read the Plumb Merchants Ltd. case study in full on our site. Contact us if you have any questions or are interested in a demonstration of our point-of-sale, stock control or accounting software.