Here at Integrity Trader, we like to know that the retail software we provide is able to support those businesses that are looking to expand and achieve great things in future. This is why we were pleased to discover that D.R. Building Materials, an independent builders’ merchant that upgraded to Integrity Trader in 2008, was suitably satisfied with our software and is still reaping the benefits more than five years later.

Before choosing Integrity Trader, Phil Rowe of D.R. Building Materials had been using a simple DOS-based system for almost 13 years. The system did not offer much in the way of support – often requiring staff to perform tasks manually – and it was clear that it was time for an upgrade. Phil was seeking a comprehensive Windows-based system that would enable him and his team to access customer information and create invoices with just a few clicks of the mouse. Furthermore, Phil didn’t want to pay a fortune for his new point-of-sale software, and his search inevitably brought him to our door.

Now Phil and his team are benefiting from a combined point-of-sale, accounting and stock control system that allows them to automate processes such as invoicing and more easily manage their stock. D.R Building Materials can completely rely on the support provided by Integrity Trader and the time they save through streamlined processes is a major advantage, too. Phil has since recommended Integrity Trader to friends and business associates as offering a good value point-of-sale software packages that delivers tangible results. So, if you’re keen to benefit from an intelligent retail software solution just like D.R. Building Materials, why not get in touch with Integrity Trader today?