The retail business is constantly evolving and becoming increasingly complex, so in order to keep your business afloat and ensure it remains successful, you will need to always work on improving your business. Today’s customer is spoilt for choice with the amount of merchants they can choose from and thanks to technology and the internet they are far better educated and informed than they ever were, which means you need to start welcoming the support available to you that will help you retain loyal and dependent customers. To improve the profitability of a business, you either need to increase sales or reduce costs, and retail management software can help you to do both.

Integrity Trader’s point of sale software is designed to improve your business sales and back office processes, and provide you with the tools and the time that you need to work on growing your business. There are several ways in which you can use your point of sale software to increase trade, here are just a few…

Discover what isn’t selling

EPoS software enables you to keep a close eye on just how well your stock is selling, exactly which products are doing well and which need a little extra promoting. You can also create and save reports to compare how well things might be selling this year compared to the last to help you investigate any changes in sales patterns, which would help you work out how best to promote the items that aren’t selling as well.

View customer information

Whether you run a small a business or a chain of large businesses, customer service is key to keeping your customers satisfied and impressed with your company. Point of sale software not only allows you to process orders and take payments more efficiently, but will enable you to produce quotations and prepare orders over the phone in advance. This means that you can monitor the products your customers buy to know which products they’ll want to receive information about. If a new and improved product has come in, why not let them be the first to hear about it?

Monitor discounts

A great way to promote your business is to offer your loyal customers discounts and offers of their favourite products. This will ensure that they know how much you appreciate their custom and can often encourage them to purchase more than they normally would. You can use your point of sale software to view cost, margin and selling price at the counter to determine whether you can offer your customer a discount. The software will also keep track of the discounts you offer, just to ensure you don’t get too generous!

Pre-planned promotions

Trader software offers dedicated promotions module which allows you to easily create and manage special promotions for certain products at certain times. If you wish to offer customers who have bought the same product more than three times a ‘BOGOF’ offer when they make their fourth purchase, your software will keep a record of this and automatically apply the discount at the counter. You needn’t worry about trying to find the calculator while your customer is waiting or accidentally forgetting. This will also enable you to compare the popularity of one promotion to another.

With this level of expert help available to you, it seems a waste not to make good use of it, especially when your competitors are likely to already be using retail management software. If you’d like to find out more about the opportunities investing in such intelligent software can offer, contact the team, today.