Given recent times, it's perhaps no wonder that some small businesses see digital solutions such as retail management software as unnecessary luxuries, but here at Integrity Trader we understand how technology can be used to leverage opportunities and reduce expenses throughout your company. Just take a look at a few of the things retail management software is capable of; can your business really afford to get by without it?


Retail merchants have had a tough time of things over the past few years. Competition from online retailers coupled with increased consumer austerity brought on by the recession has meant that small and medium-sized businesses often struggle to reach the same turnover rates that once were commonplace. With this in mind, the last thing many retail merchants feel they need is yet another expense in the form of retail management software. 


Stock management


Stock management is an essential part of 21st century retail. Few companies can afford to hold stock they can’t sell, whilst keeping track of top-selling items and maintaining practical and efficient stock levels can make the difference between your business finishing the year in the red or in the black. Performing stock management tasks manually can be incredibly time consuming, and monitoring stock levels individually creates a very high chance of human error. Retail management software can help to monitor your stock automatically, ensuring that you know exactly how much you have and how much you still need at all times.


Order processing


When you run low on stock, it’s time to order more, while the same is true of office stationery and the other items essential for the day-to-day operation of your business. When you and your employees are busy at work, it can be easy to leave stock orders to the last minute, while mistakes will often be made when you’re at your most harried. Automated retail software will take this job off your hands, automatically placing an order for new stock and office essentials the second you run out. With no forms to fill in or handwriting to decipher, you’ll always be sure to get what you need.


Business management


But what if you’re in charge of a growing business with a raft of retail outlets spread across the country? You can’t be in four places at once, so how is your company supposed to get by without your input? With retail management software, you can manage each of your retail outlets remotely, organising stock levels, order processing and accounting without having to delegate such management tasks to regional representatives.




It’s crucial that you have a handle on your business’ finances at all times, particularly during difficult times when there’s little margin for error. You need to maximize your profit margins whilst continuing to provide excellent customer service at all times, and for that, you need retail management software. Here at Integrity Trader, we provide retail software that can handle all of your retail accounting and finance needs, from point of sale services through to stock management and even producing quotations. If you believe your company can benefit from our services this year, take a look at our range of retail software or contact us for more information.