Set against the backdrop of continued economic uncertainty, business expansion can seem somewhat ambitious. However it is still possible to make significant forward strides even while other retailers are struggling. Could the answer to your problems be retail management software?

Accurate stocktaking = maximised profit margins

The trick to pursuing business growth in a stagnant environment is to do more with less. That means maximising your profit margins without investing heavily to do so. Keeping track of your stock – only ordering the items you need and matching supply with demand – can help you to balance your books more effectively than ever before, and retail management software for merchants can help. Few UK retailers would fail to benefit from the accurate, automated stocktaking ability of retail software.

Automated order processing and extra expedience

When your retail business is particularly busy, other aspects of your job can fall by the wayside in the pursuit of quality customer service. If you’re rushing around looking after customers, processing transactions and handling cash, other tasks such as order processing can easily be forgotten about. Retail software can help to automate such processes, sending for top-up orders when your popular products begin to run low. That way, you’ll never lose out on a sale for want of the desired product.

Remote management and finer control

Keeping a tight rein on your business will help you ensure that customer service remains at a satisfactory level, that employee motivation stays high and that your accounts are fully monitored and balanced at all times. Managing staff rotas and your company’s accounts remotely will give you the freedom to keep your company on the straight and narrow without having to spread your time across multiple stores. Your company’s accounts and working practices are bound to benefit as a result.

Promotions and special offers = new customers

Sometimes, the difference between earning a spate of new customers and losing out on established trade is the ability to communicate new offers and promotions to the public in time. If someone else is offering a better deal, your customers may simply pass you by, so it’s important that you make your special offers known as soon as they occur. Retail management software can allow you to process email marketing campaigns, letting your customers know when they stand to benefit from a new promotion. When combined with point of sale software that lets you capture contact information and other data about your customers, you’ll rapidly be able to build a loyal base of consumers.

Combine point-of-sale and back office to reduce expense

All of the functions listed above can help your business to become tighter and more streamlined, making it more competitive in a difficult environment and thus more likely to experience the effects of growth. That’s all very well and good, but what if you lack the budget to invest in both point-of-sale software and a back office accounts solution? Fortunately, Integrity Trader offers a combined retail software solution that will fulfil all of your needs in one cost-effective package. If you’re ready to stop merely surviving and start expanding this year, contact us and find out how we can help.