Getting your team up to speed as quickly as possible

[Integrity Software - Trader training] Once the system has been configured, training of users can start. Some companies choose for us to train all of their staff – others prefer a ‘train-the-trainer’ approach where we train key users in each function and they then train their colleagues. This can be a very effective way to ensure an effective transfer of knowledge to the people who will be using the system whilst keeping training costs down.

The training provided is designed around the actual proposed use of the system and the roles and seniority of the individuals to be trained so that the time is really effective. The training takes place using the configured system so that the real processes to be used are trained.

Our Professional Services team provides a range of flexible training options to ensure each and every user of our software has the skills required to carry out their day to day activities as efficiently as possible.

Flexible training options include:

Onsite training

One of our training consultants can spend time onsite at your offices to provide thorough training on the system as a whole or any defined area, spending time with each individual to ensure they are comfortable with the full capabilities of the software.

Online training

For existing users, we can provide one to one training in managable chunks online. This option is often used to train new staff in specific processes or functions.  It creates a cost effective option for clients whilst ensuring users still receive the essential training they need.

User workshops

Another method of training available to existing users is via our workshop sessions. These informative sessions provide users with the chance to interact with other users whilst developing their knowledge of the system. We hold sessions in areas convenient for users to keep the costs of travelling to a minimum.