POS System for Small Business

As a small retailer, you need a good POS system. Having a good system in place will:

  • Save your business money

  • Boost sales

  • Make the running of your business more efficient

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Why you need a small business POS system

A good POS system is crucial in retail

If you run a retail business, you'll understand the need for a good point of sale system. The last thing you want is customers waiting impatiently in line while your staff manually enter purchase details into your system.

But there's more to a good point-of-sale system than just handling payments and recording sales. It’ll help improve:

inventory management by telling you what’s selling and what’s not

profitability by showing which product lines make you money

marketing by highlighting customer buying habits

face-to-face sales by giving staff a mobile catalogue

If selling products is the heart of your business, then a good POS system should be the backbone.

Take the checkout to your customers with mobile POS

Choosing the right POS system for your small business

In conventional retail, people find what they want to buy then bring it to a checkout counter to pay. But that model is changing fast.

Tablets and smartphones enable your staff to take the checkout counter to your customers. With good POS software and a simple plug-in scanner, a handheld device can become a mobile checkout.

With mobile POS, your staff no longer have to wait for buyers to come to them – they can approach customers anywhere in the store and help them with their buying decisions. And if the POS software is integrated with good accounting software, your employees can handle credit card payments immediately and email the customer their receipt.

Benefits of our POS System for Small Businesses

Easy to use

Easy to use

It's quick and easy to get your whole team up and running on Trader, and people pick up the functionality very quickly, whether they've used an ePOS system before or not!

Excellent support

Excellent support

Should you need any help with your Trader system, our UK call centre is available to take your calls Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm and Saturday 9am - 12pm, meaning we're only even a phone call away

Maximise your profits

Maximise your profits

Improving the efficiency of your retail store with our intelligent ePOS system means you can maximise your business' profits quickly and easily